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Bedroom Storage Ideas

7 min Read

Written by Jackson Lindeke

Your bedroom is a space that should be dedicated to rest and relaxation. It’s the one room in your home where you can retreat, recharge, and emerge with a renewed sense of energy each morning.

But a cluttered space can lead to a cluttered mind. In fact, researchers are starting to uncover that a disorganized home can actually lead to increased feelings of stress and procrastination. That means your messy bedroom could actually be detracting from high-quality sleep each night. And, unfortunately, poor sleep quality will only compound negative emotions like stress and anxiety.

If you’d like to keep your bedroom dedicated to restful sleep, start by kicking out the clutter. Here are a few of our best bedroom storage ideas that will keep your room free from clutter and primed for relaxing slumber.

Optimize Your Closet and Drawer Storage

Using the space you already have more effectively is one of the simplest bedroom storage ideas that will help cure a messy bedroom. It’s not enough to get everything out of sight and out of mind. Even if you gather up all your belongings off the ground and pack them away, it’s still no fun to open your closet or dresser and be greeted by a massive tangle of unorganized shoes, clothes, jewelry, and more.

Not only will you waste time searching through cluttered piles, but it’s also not the most efficient use of your space. Here are some tips to get the most out of your closet and drawer storage.

Use Drawer Organizers for Drawer Storage

Use drawer organizers to maximize the storage potential of your drawers. You can buy dresser dividers for larger items such as shirts and pants. Modular desk organizers may be meant for the office, but they’re also ideal for organizing smaller items like socks, underwear, and jewelry. Or get creative and thrifty by making your own out wood from the hardware store or reused cardboard boxes.

You may be pleasantly surprised by how much more space you have once everything is organized and folded. And with drawer organizers, it’s easier to find what you’re looking for and to keep your clothing neatly sorted. Additionally, reorganizing your drawers will also push you to get rid of your unmatched socks and worn-out underwear.

Use Your Closet More Effectively

When it comes to bedroom storage, the closet represents an untapped wealth of potential. That’s because many don’t use the space to its fullest. You may have some clothes neatly arranged on the hangers, but you tend to just toss other items haphazardly on closet shelves or the floor. Here’s how you can make the most of your closet space.

First, there are probably items sitting on your closet floor or taking up precious real estate in your drawers that you could be hanging up to save space. For example, hang bulky jeans and other pants on hangers. Go a step further and maximize your hanger space by using shower curtain rings on a single hanger for smaller items such as tank tops, scarves, or necklaces. And hanging storage organizers on the back of your closet door is a great way to get your shoes off the floor while still maintaining easy access.

After hanging, focus on any additional, unoptimized closet space like the floor and shelving. If you don’t have built-in closet cubbies to organize these spaces, look for simple, stackable storage containers. Stacking containers will help maximize your available space while keeping everything organized and in its place.

Make Your Bed Work Double Duty

For most bedrooms, the bed is usually the centerpiece of the room. As a result, it takes up a significant amount of physical space. Consider making your bed work double duty as both a place to sleep and a place to store bulky items.

This is our favorite clever storage idea for small bedrooms. With a small bedroom, storage can be frustratingly sparse. But by utilizing the ample floor space under your bed, you can double or even triple the amount of storage in a small bedroom space.

Most traditional platform beds are hiding a large area of unused floor space underneath. With some simple storage bins, bags, or boxes, you can significantly increase the storage capacity of your bedroom while keeping your belongings organized. Under the bed storage space is especially useful for bulky seasonal items such as winter coats and extra blankets that you don’t need to access on a daily basis.

For basic under bed storage, containers are the simplest way to go. But if you’re on the market for a new bed frame, there are other options that directly incorporate storage space into the design of the bed. Look for platform beds with built-in shelves or drawers under the mattress. If you’re really tight on space, built-in bed storage can help eliminate the need for bulky, stand-alone dressers.

Free up Floor Space with a Creative Bed Design

Maybe you are more of a minimalist and you’ve already solved the problem of too much clutter. However, you would still like to free up more space in your bedroom for other activities like a daily yoga routine or the simple enjoyment of a clear and open space.

If you want your bedroom to have a clean, minimal look during the day, you’ll need to get more creative. Here are a few ideas to free up space by getting your bed out of the way after you wake up in the morning.

Murphy Bed

The Murphy bed takes its name from the bed’s inventor, William Lawrence Murphy. Murphy created this unique bed design at the turn of the 20th century. According to popular lore, the inventor came up with the idea of a pull-down wall bed to transform his bedroom into a parlor room during the day. This allowed the young Murphy to host female guests while still adhering to the strict moral code of the time.

The Murphy bed contains hinges on one end that allow the bed to be folded vertically for storage against the wall or inside of a customized closet or cabinet. This style of bed is experiencing a renewed surge in popularity as more people seek to design smaller, minimal living spaces. The ability to store your bed away opens up a substantial amount of floor space within your bedroom during the day.

Japanese Futon

The Japanese futon bed is another option that will free up ample space for daytime use. The futon has been the traditional bed style in Japan for hundreds of years and many modern Japanese still prefer this way of sleeping.

Traditionally, a Japanese futon bed consists of the futon mattress (shikibuton), a thick duvet-like blanket (kakebuton), pillows made from buckwheat hulls, and a bamboo flooring material (tatami mat). But all you really need to get started is a thick (usually 3 to 5 inch) futon mattress and any bedding you already have on hand.

The advantage of a Japanese futon is that it’s portable and storable. When you wake up in the morning, the mattress can be folded and stored away in a corner of your room or in the closet. Not only does this free up space in your bedroom, but many futon users also believe that sleeping closer to the firm, flat surface of the floor relieves back and joint pain.

Bunk Beds

If you’re looking for a way to double your sleeping capacity while freeing up space for additional bedroom storage, consider a bunk bed. A bunk bed is a style of bed frame that stacks two or more frames on top of one another. This allows two or more beds to occupy the same amount of floor space usually needed for just a single bed.

Bunk beds are often reserved for children’s rooms but you can also use this clever space-saving design for a guest bedroom. By stacking beds vertically in a bunk bed, you’ll free floor area that can be used as a play space or for additional small bedroom storage.

Loft Bed

Loft-style beds offer another way to get your bed off the ground and clear floor space in the bedroom.  Although similar, a loft bed is distinct from a bunk bed. Loft beds raise the bed frame off the ground but instead of another bed below, they contain useful built-in features like storage space, a workspace, or lounge furniture. Often, seen in dormitories, this style of bed can be applied to guest bedrooms, children’s bedrooms or as a clever storage idea for small bedrooms.

Keep Your Stuff off the Ground

The best bedroom storage designs allow you to keep most of your belongings, aside from furniture and other large items, off the ground. This makes for a cleaner, less cluttered room. Shelving is one obvious solution for getting your stuff off the ground. Floating wall shelves create space for books, picture frames, plants and other smaller keepsake items that you’d like to display or have easy access to. They also keep your floor clear, unlike traditional bookshelves.

Use hooks to hang larger items that may not fit on a shelf. You can easily hang flat items such as yoga mats or folding chairs from your bedroom walls. This tip can be applied to almost anything. Hanging organizers are great for consolidating collections of purses, scarves, shoes, and more.

But don’t stop with your small stuff. You can also apply this method quite effectively to your larger items. For example, consider buying a hanging laundry hamper. Or create a simple DIY version of your own using your current cloth laundry hamper and a heavy-duty door or wall-mounted hook.

You can also use wall-mounted hooks to hang your bicycle from the floor or the ceiling. Bikes take up quite a bit of space and can be messy, especially when you’re dealing with a carpeted bedroom. Hanging your bike not only saves you tons of space, but it will also help keep your room cleaner.

If You Have Floor Storage, Make it Stylish

Even if you incorporate all of our storage tips, you may still need to make use of floor storage. But that doesn’t mean your bedroom needs to look cluttered. There are plenty of affordable and stylishly designed storage bins and cubbies available. And some functional furniture can double as storage space such as a bench or stool that opens to reveal a hidden compartment.


It may seem trivial, but an organized room will help set the tone for a restful night of sleep. That’s because having a quiet, clean space to sleep is an important step in establishing proper sleep hygiene. By following these simple bedroom storage ideas, you’ll ensure you have an organized bedroom that helps promote high-quality, deep sleep.

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