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The Beddit Sleep Monitor

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In 2013, former triathlete Lasse Leppäkorpi successfully pitched his Beddit sleep monitor idea through IndieGoGo. Not a fan of wearable sleep tracking devices, his goal was to create a product that you could slide under your bed sheets and forget about. In 2017, Apple reintroduced the product to the market after making a few updates.

Beddit’s sensitive design lets it know when you’re asleep or awake. It monitors your heart rate, sleep time, snoring and breathing. In addition, the product keeps track of the bedroom temperature and humidity level. The sleep tracker works with mattresses of any size. The tracker will collect data on those sleeping alone or sharing a bed with someone else.

The Beddit monitor provides accurate, automatic tracking of your nightly sleep habits, making it possible to know how much sleep you’re getting each night. Additionally, it gives you valuable sleep-related information that you should use to maximize the quality of your sleep hygiene.

Everything You Need to Know About the Beddit Sleep Monitor

Before you buy Beddit, you’ll want to know a few key things about the product. Read on to learn if this sleep monitor is a good fit for you.

Product Ratings

Category Rating What Users Are Saying
Ease of Use Excellent Users all agreed that Beddit was easy to setup and install. People found the “automatic start” option to be a huge plus.
Sleep Tracking Accuracy Very Good Overall, customers believe Beddit is an accurate sleep tracker. Although the sleep tracker’s default is an “automatic start” setting, customers also have the option to manually set their sleep tracking schedule. Both work just fine.
Sleep Tracking Support Fair The loss of Beddit Cloud and Android support doesn’t sit well with a lot of former customers. There are also complaints about the Apple release having bugs can make it difficult to use.
Additional Features Good In addition to sleep tracking accuracy, customers found the ability to monitor room temperature and humidity useful for determining their effect on sleep quality, especially when traveling.
Price Fair The loss of features in the new version does not sit well with some customers. It’s a common complaint which affects how some view Beddit and whether it’s worth purchasing.
Battery Life Very Good Because the Beddit sensor must be plugged in, it should track all night with no issues. If using an iPhone, that too should be plugged in. Provided your Apple Watch is charged, it too should function just fine.

Sleep Tracking

To begin sleep tracking, place the razor-thin Beddit sensor strip under your sheets. Make sure the dark side of the sensor is face down. If you sleep with a mattress pad, you should place the sensor on top. Position the sensor so it’s in the center of your bed. If you share a bed with someone else, shift the sensor so that it’s on your side of the mattress. The tracker won’t disturb your partner, but it only tracks one person; you should purchase a separate sensor for whoever else shares a bed with you.

Once connected to the Beddit 3.5 app, you can start using sleep tracking features right away. The product is set to automatically begin monitoring; just get into bed and rest. Beddit will begin tracking your breathing, heart rate, and sleep rate on its own. The sensor tracks your breathing and heart rate by measuring the tiny body movements that occur when you breathe. If you enable the app’s access to a microphone, usually your smartphone’s, it can also monitor for snoring.

Beddit provides key information about your sleep. For instance, your sleep chart will distinguish the time you spent in bed from the amount of time you were actually asleep. Time spent lying awake doesn’t count towards your overall sleep time.

As well as giving you insight into how long it takes you to fall asleep, your Beddit Sleep Monitor keeps track of sleep efficiency, or how long you manage to stay asleep without waking up during the night.

Beddit gives users the chance to provide feedback about how well they rested through the Morning Feeling option. When you wake up, rate how good you feel on a scale from one (Poor) to seven (Great). A good night’s sleep typically warrants a rating of four or better. You can then monitor your daily feedback through the “Trends” tab to see how you’re averaging over time.

Additional Features

Beddit is a product mostly focused on monitoring your sleep, yet there are also features that can improve your quality of life in other ways.

For instance, you can measure room temperature and humidity. If a room is too hot or cold, it can impact your ability to fall and stay asleep. Additionally, humidity can affect how well you breathe and sleep. This information can be used to determine the best room temperature and humidity your body requires for a peaceful night’s sleep.

Beddit’s primary focus is on sleep, but thanks to these additional features, you might be encouraged to make changes to your sleep environment that can improve your sleep hygiene and how well you rest each night.


The Beddit 3.5 is priced at about the standard rate for a high-quality sleep tracking device. However, unlike most sleep trackers, you don’t have to wear it; you sleep on top of it and it’s so thin that it’s barely noticeable. The combination of sleep tracking accuracy and practical comfort makes this product very affordable.

Battery Life

Beddit works using a power cord that must be plugged in in order for the product to work. The sleep monitor attaches to a USB cable that plugs into a wall outlet. Additionally, it’s expected that if you use an iPhone, you’ll leave the device plugged in and charging. The only perceived area where battery life might be an issue is with the Apple Watch, which currently lacks the battery power to last all night, particularly after a full day of use. So it might likewise need to be plugged in to collect data.


The Beddit 3.5 app is compatible with any iPhone 5s or newer device that operates with iOS12 or higher, and it works with the latest version of the iPad. Beddit’s compatible with models of the Apple Watch that have watch OS 4.3 or later. Lastly, the app syncs nicely with Apple Health, making it possible for you to seamlessly export data from Beddit.

Other Considerations for the Beddit Sleep Monitor

Care and Maintenance

Caring for the Beddit is easy and straightforward. Use a lint roller to remove any debris or hair from both sides of the product’s outer sleeve. Keeping the sleeve clean is crucial for allowing the material to grip your mattress so the sensor stays in place.

If you plan on washing the outer sleeve of your Beddit Sleep Monitor, first unplug the sensor cable from the power adapter. Be sure to remove the sensor strip and cable through the slit on the rubber underside of the sleeve. You can then wash the sleeve by hand using cold water. Allow the sleeve to air dry indoors or in the shade. Make sure that the sleeve is completely dry before attempting to reinsert the cable and sensor strip.

Do not attempt to place the sensor’s outer sleeve in a washer or dryer. The material is not safe to iron, bleach, or dry clean.

Shipping and Delivery

Beddit’s now owned and sold by Apple, and the company’s shipping and delivery rules apply. Apple offers free shipping for all orders. Depending on the item and your location, same-day courier shipping might be available; you will be expected to offer a tip. Two-day shipping is free, but cut-offs may apply. Apple does not deliver to P.O. boxes for security reasons. You do have the option to have your product shipped to an alternate address, including an office address if for whatever reason you cannot accept packages through your home address.

You can pre-sign for your order once it’s shipped through a link in your confirmation email and then fill out and print a Shipment Release Authorization form. Leave the form in front of your door on the day of expected delivery. Depending on the carrier’s discretion or policies, it might be necessary to pick up your product from their local facility.

Apple ships throughout the U.S. and to all U.S. territories. To learn about international shipping capabilities, you should visit the international store directory for more information. If you’re trying to get your Beddit product shipped to a military base address, visit Apple’s APO/FPO page.

Return Policy and Warranty

If you’re not satisfied with the Beddit for any reason, return it within 14 days of purchase for a full refund. You must include your receipt or proof of purchase when mailing your return, and the item cannot be damaged in any way. The product can only be returned within the same country it was purchased. You must have bought your Beddit directly through Apple or its stores to qualify for a refund.

To begin the return process, log into your Order Listing page and select “Start a Return.” Confirm which item(s) you want to return and select “Initiate Return.” You’ll then have the ability to print return labels for the box(es) you’ll use for making a return.

Beddit previously had a one-year limited warranty, but this might have changed following Apple’s acquisition. Contact Apple for information about the current warranty.

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