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Ananda Hemp CBD Review

Written by Keith Cushner

Ananda Hemp CBD Review

The Bottom Line.

  • Ananda Hemp offers all-natural CBD products derived from USA-grown hemp without added sugars or artificial flavorings.
  • Their CBD products are available in low to upper-medium concentrations, making them suitable for a variety of CBD users.
  • Ananda Hemp is involved in the production of their CBD oils at every step.

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General Overview

  • “Seed-to-shelf” company with direct involvement at every stage of production
  • Natural products with minimal additives and sugars
  • Wide range of CBD dosages available


  • No flavored options available, providing limited options for users who dislike the taste of hemp
  • Many of the same ingredients in each product, making some difficult to avoid

Quick Summary

Ananda Hemp is a subsidiary of Australian genetic development company Ecofibre Ltd. Ecofibre Ltd. owns the world’s largest private cannabis seed bank and breeds the seeds for the hemp that Ananda uses.

Ananda Hemp produces all-natural CBD oil and products made without exposure to pesticides or harmful chemicals. Ananda Hemp is involved at every step of the production process to maintain their quality standards. Each batch of Ananda Hemp products is traceable back to the seeds.

Ananda Hemp offers various CBD oils, gel capsules, pet CBD oil, CBD topical cream, and CBD-infused intimate oil.

Take a Look at the Ananda Hemp Product Line Up

Ananda Hemp can be considered one of the few “seed-to-shelf” CBD companies on the market. They partner with farmers from the beginning to help them raise their seeds in accordance with Ananda’s quality standards.

Ananda Hemp offers an array of all-natural CBD products derived from Kentucky-grown hemp. All of their hemp is repeatedly tested for quality and is grown without exposure to pesticides or harmful chemicals. Ananda Hemp products contain few added ingredients.

  • Full Spectrum CBD Oil – Ananda Hemp offers a line of all-natural CBD oils made with hemp and MCT oil. Available in a wide variety of concentrations, from weak to strong.
  • Broad Spectrum Zero THC CBD Oil – One of Ananda Hemp’s specialized all-natural CBD oils. The Zero THC Oil contains no THC whatsoever, not even trace amounts.
  • Pets CBD Oil – An all-natural CBD oil made for use by dogs and cats. Comes in one concentration of 10 milligrams CBD per milliliter, with a dosage chart available online. Made with a vegetarian bacon flavoring to increase palatability.
  • Spectrum CBD Salve – A topical salve cream that is infused with 125 milligrams of CBD. Intended for direct application to targeted areas.
  • Spectrum CBD Softgels – They also carry 15 milligram CBD soft gelatin capsules that contain no added sugars, dyes, or flavorings. They consist of hemp extract, hemp oil, and gelatin only.
  • Ananda Touch Bliss Intimate Oil – CBD-infused intimate oil that is meant to promote sensitivity and pleasure. It is sugar-free and pH balanced for safe application on intimate areas.

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Technical Details

Ananda Hemp Product Offerings

Category Zero THC CBD Oil Full Spectrum CBD Oil Ananda Pets CBD Oil Bliss Oil CBD Salve Capsules
Concentration 20mg/mL Available in various concentrations:
10mg/mL 250mg/bottle of Bliss oil 125mg/container of topical cream 15mg/softgel
CBD Extraction Method Full Spectrum Full Spectrum Full Spectrum Full Spectrum Full Spectrum Full Spectrum
Appearance and Flavor Brownish-gold liquid in a dropper bottle.

Stronger taste of hemp to the liquid than some oils.

Brownish-gold liquid in a dropper bottle.

Stronger taste of hemp to the liquid than some oils.

Brownish-gold liquid in a dropper bottle.

Made with coconut oil and vegetarian bacon flavoring.

Bliss oil is a smooth, lightly tingling oil in a black, capped bottle. Very smooth, light brown cream in a cylindrical dish container. Gold-green ovaloid soft gelatin capsules.

Minimal flavor, meant to be swallowed with water.

THC Content 0% THC <.3% THC <.3% THC <.3% THC <.3% THC <.3% THC
Ideal Customer Good for those who are looking to take CBD without any amount of THC. Useful for those looking for versatility in dosing, as you can use roughly as much or as little as you need at a time. Ideal for owners of cats and dogs who want to give their pets CBD. Good for those who do not wish to ingest their CBD. Useful for those who want to apply CBD to a localized area. Ideal for those who wish to take CBD orally while avoiding candies or added sugar.

Good for those who want a controlled, relatively low dose as each capsule contains 15mg CBD.

Materials and Sourcing

Ananda Hemp can be considered one of the few “seed-to-shelf” CBD companies on the market, meaning that they are involved in the production of their CBD products at every step. Ananda Hemp’s Australian parent company, Ecofibre Ltd., breeds and certifies Ananda’s hemp seeds.

These seeds are distributed to farmers in Kentucky, where Ananda Hemp is based. Ananda then works side by side with farmers in the fields to oversee production and harvesting of the hemp. Ananda’s hemp is not specifically organic certified, although they do purport to raise their crops outdoors in an all-natural way without the use of pesticides or harmful chemicals.

Ananda Hemp uses a Full Spectrum CBD extraction process on their USA-grown hemp. They test their product thoroughly at each stage of development to maintain a consistent level of quality.

Third Party Testing

Ananda Hemp’s CBD is third-party tested by Iron Laboratories. Ananda Hemp’s CBD oil is produced in batches, with test results available for each batch. Test results for current batches are available to the public through a link on individual product pages. Ananda Hemp has a lookup system where anyone can look up the test results of previous batches using a product’s lot number.

Flavor and Appearance

Ananda Hemp’s Full Spectrum CBD Oils come in different concentrations, but have a similar basic formula. The oils are brownish liquids that come in dropper bottles. They are crafted without added sugar or artificial flavorings, giving them a stronger hempy flavor.

Ananda Hemp Spectrum Gels are yellowish, soft gelatin capsules containing fifteen milligrams of CBD per capsule. The capsules are meant to be swallowed whole with water, similar to vitamins and other supplements.

Ananda Pets Full Spectrum CBD Oil is an extract intended for use by cats and dogs. Similar in form to their CBD oils for humans, this extract is also made with coconut oil and a vegetarian bacon flavoring to increase palatability for pets. A thorough dosage guide is available on the product page.

Ananda Hemp’s Spectrum Salve is a topical cream infused with CBD. Lightly brown in color, this salve is made with a combination of essential oils that give it a fresh, mildly minty scent. The cream applies very smoothly and produces a warming sensation on the skin.


Ananda Hemp offers products with CBD potencies ranging from the lower to upper-middle end of the spectrum. Their softgels and topicals tend toward lower concentrations, while their CBD oils vary a bit more widely. The concentrations available should work for most, although CBD users who need high concentrations of CBD may find the oils lacking.

Most of Ananda Hemp’s products contain minimal amounts of THC, less than 0.3 percent. That being said, there is a zero THC CBD oil option available for users who want to avoid any amount of THC.


Product Price
Broad Spectrum Zero THC CBD Oil $89.95 (600mg)
Full Spectrum 600 CBD Oil $89.95 (600mg)
Full Spectrum 300 CBD Oil $49.95 (300mg)
Full Spectrum 2000 CBD Oil $229.95 (2000mg)
Ananda Pets Full Spectrum CBD Oil $59.95 (300mg)
Ananda Touch – Bliss, CBD Infused Intimate Oil $60.00 (250mg)
Spectrum Salve 125 $23.95 (125mg)
Spectrum Gels $64.95 (450mg, 30 15mg capsules)
$119.95 (900mg, 60 15mg capsules)

Ordering, Shipping, and Packaging

Ananda Hemp offers shipping to all fifty states, with free shipping offers available on US orders. Ananda Hemp also ships internationally to a wide variety of countries, except for Canada at this time. Ananda Hemp has a full refund policy within 30 days of purchase.

Ananda Hemp does not currently have any brick and mortar stores. Their products can be found at natural grocery stores, pharmacies, and select retail locations.

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Company Information

Ananda Hemp is a subsidiary of parent company Ecofibre Ltd. They partner with local farmers in Kentucky to grow Ecofibre Ltd.’s hemp seeds and produce all-natural CBD products. Primarily, they have produced CBD oil products, and are expanding into other forms of CBD as well.

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